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Our Story


Several years ago we started in a basement with two small selling websites dedicated to offering quality products to homeowners and garden enthusiasts with the philosophy “Offer Great Products at an Affordable Price while treating our customers with the utmost Respect by offering Superior Customer Service.”  Home gardeners could find high end but affordable greenhouses, rain barrels, composters, raised garden beds at both our sites and and they could be confident that we would be there to answer questions or help in any way.

As our company grew we were consistently approached by manufacturers to add their product line to our selling sites. As we expanded and moved out of the basement, we saw that there were many more selling opportunities available so we incorporated our selling sites under the name Internet-Sales USA Corporation and started to venture into the Amazon Marketplace. At Amazon we were able to offer a multitude of products not exclusive to Greenhouses and Gardening.  In 2016 after forming a larger network of manufacturers we decided to create a premier selling site under the name of

We are proud of the company that Internet-Sales USA has become and look forward to continue to expand our network of distributors, manufacturers and products and carry on our original philosophy which has always defined us “Offer Great Products at an Affordable Price and treat our customers with the utmost Respect by offering Superior Customer Service.”

In addition to our DIY customer base, we have been certified to sell the federal government through their SAM Program (System for Award Management Program), we belong to a number of municipal buying co-ops, as well as ship products internationally for commercial customers.

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