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Fireplace Tools

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  • Oak Bellow

    Start your fire in style with the UniFlame® Oak Bellow, by Blue Rhino®. This hand carved oak bellow with Its beautiful light oak, honey like finish and simulated leather bellow with brass rivets, will accent a variety of décor.

  • 4 Ft. Log rack cover from Blue Rhino

    Designed to be used with the UniFlame large capacity 4 ft.log rack by Blue Rhino® the 4 ft. W-1745COV Premium Cover helps keep your firewood dry and out of the reach of pest wishing to make a home in your wood supply.

  • F-1375 UniflameR 5 PC SATIN COPPER Fireplace tool set

    This classic Uniflame® 5-piece fireplace tool set, by Blue Rhino®, has all the tools you need to manage your roaring fire.

  • 4ft Premium Log rack by Blue Rhino

    To protect your logs from moisture the UniFlame’s large capacity log rack, by Blue Rhino®, is the perfect solution. Proper storage of logs is important to ensure that your logs don’t get damp. Dry logs allow your fire to burn more cleanly with less smoke and allow you to enjoy a pleasant fire experience.  With the UniFlame’s large capacity 4 Ft. log rack, by Blue Rhino® you can keep wood safely off the ground and easily accessible when it’s time to build and tend to your fire.

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